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  • Honey buns news
  • Published in How To
  • March 30th, 2020

How to Spray Tan Different Body Types

As a spray technician, knowing bodies come in all different shapes and sizes is important. Some clients are smaller, some are bigger, some are more wrinkly, and some have perfect, beautiful, smooth skin.  Knowing how to maintain your professionalism while making your clients feel comfortable when she is at her most vulnerable is essential. Achieving this is easier said than done, so we are going to lay out some of our tips for you below.

There is no “one-size-fits-all”

Thinking there is a one-size-fits-all for your clients could be a huge mistake, leading to lost clients and business. There will be clients with larger breasts, which will require you to change your technique and spend a little more time on this section of the body. The goal is to make sure this area blends with the rest of the tan. Saturating the area can be problematic and results in a poor looking spray tan. This is the same for clients with excess skin or skin folds. Spending extra time in these areas is important; blending – not saturating – should be the goal, no matter what.

Increasing Solution

For larger clients, a rule of thumb should be to add an extra 1 oz. of solution to what you would normally use. Always stick to your standard pricing, and never charge based on body type or size of the client. By adding the extra 1oz. of solution, you are less likely to run out of solution while spray tanning your client, which can be embarrassing for the client and you, the technician. After finishing your client’s spray tan, you will have a better idea of the amount of solution needed to complete his or her spray tan. It is always better to have leftover solution, rather than not enough solution.

Direct your Client with Confidence

When spray tanning plus-sized or uncomfortable clients, the most important thing to do is take control and not be timid or afraid in positioning your client where you want. Maneuvering and speaking with confidence will make for a greater experience and a better tan. Speak without hesitation. This not only shows you have confidence in your work, but it also gives the client a sense of confidence instead of feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable when asked to place his or her body in a certain position. A client who feels shamed or uncomfortable will not come back for another tan. By showing confidence, you can make your client feel comfortable and safe when they allow you to spray tan them.

Dry, all the time!

Sweat pockets are common if your client has excess skin or if her or she becomes nervous and uncomfortable. Drying your client before you spray, during the spray, and after makes for the best results possible. Sweat can ruin a spray tan faster than anything else. This tip is huge and should be used on each and every client.

Ask for Permission

This is our most important tip: assuming your client is fine with touching them is a mistake. Always ask the client beforehand if you can touch or help them lift, reposition her or him during the appointment. This can be a dealbreaker during a spray tan. Keeping your client confident and comfortable is the most important thing to remember.

Taking these steps can help build trust with your clients. It can be difficult to get used to handling these situations, but remain confident in your technique, and do everything you can to keep your client happy and confident in your expertise to spray tan them.

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