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How to book an appointment


PLEASE read before you show your buns at an appointment. Please review the following. We’ve got Honey Buns Tanning® policies & you’ll want to get familiar with them. Consider this page your tanning homework because you will be tested and there are results. The rest is up to us!

Regardless what language you speak, we’ve heard it all. These are very important steps. Read them.


All new and old customers please fill out the mandatory form. You will not be tanned unless you complete this simple first step. Please fill it out before your scheduled appointment time. If you do not do this you will be charged a forfeit fee.

Honey Buns has a very busy schedule and are accommodating many awesome clients, so all we ask is avoid the headaches and come prepared, ready, and most of all…on time. We have made promises to many other loyal clients that have schedules too. Our certified technicians reserve the right to cancel a session if a “you” the client shows up late to an appointment. If your late, we’re late!

Know before you glow on the go. This is very important! Please read the Prep and Care FAQs before you come to your appointment.


We only only book online in our booking portal. You will receive a confirmation email with all your detailed information. Treat it like you won a million dollar lotto. It’s certain you would never miss that appointment or the destination. If you some how messed it up, well…there will be no million dollar tan and you will be charged a fee. We respect your time so Honey Buns Tanning expects the same in return.


The no excuse policy.The no excuse policy.The benefits of being prepared are much brighter than the fees that accrue for people that are NOT prepared. We have a no exception rule at Honey Buns Tanning. If we let it slide for one person that means we have to do it for evety one, so we just don’t do it. Your time is very valuable and so is ours. We schedule clients back to back so if you are not punctual to your appointments we may not be the tanning place for you. We made a promise and we keep it. There are many other salons suited for non-punctual clients that may fit your schedule better. Here are the fees if you are late.

10+ minute late to your appointment –$20 late fee
15+ minute late to your appointment –The appointment is forfeit with NO refund.


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