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Honey bun fans


The Honey Buns Fan Club is the way to go if you are frequently replenishing your natural glow and maintaining it all year round. Gain rewards, discounts, and become a Honey Buns V.I.P. Make an appointment anytime and stay away from the fade.

  • Eco-certified, organic paraben- free, 100% vegan, cruelty free
  • heather® Ph balancing prep spray (enhancing the DHA reaction, resulting in a more golden-natural tan)
  • Customize your spray tan based on your needs, preference and skin type (shades of Honey Buns)
  • heather® solution does not have an unpleasant after scent, you can go back to work without the bad smells cheaper tanning solutions have.
  • We offer a rapid spray solution that drys instantly where you can get dressed right away and go about your day
  • heather® solution is antioxidant rich & skin firming, adding luxury to your tanning indulgence
  • Ask about body contouring to emphasize your gorgeous shape
  • Flexible appointment hours & work around your schedule
  • Never get an orange or streaky tan. Get an have an authentic golden glow
  • Tan in the comforts of your own home, office or preferred location
  • Spray tans will be long lasting, ranging from 7-10 days if you follow our care tips
  • Get results you can brag about with our unique formulated heather® products

Book an online in-salon or mobile appointment today and experience it for yourself!

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