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  • Honey buns news
  • Published in How To
  • March 30th, 2020

Can You Get a Spray Tan While Pregnant?

So, you are pregnant, but you still want a glowing look and would love to sit by the pool or go to the beach with your family. Well, with a doctor’s approval, expectant mothers should have no problem spray tanning. Important things to remember include: doctors know best, results can vary when pregnant, and protective gear is important for the client and technicians during the spray tanning during pregnancy. Below, we lay out some tips for when you are pregnant but would still like to spray tan.

Protective Gear

The right protective gear is essential during any spray tan appointment, but especially when one is pregnant. Hairnets, disposable undergarments, fans, and nose plugs are all important. The two most important pieces of protective gear to have if you are pregnant and getting a spray tan are ventilation fans and nose plugs to prevent inhalation during the spray. Inhaling the spray tan solution could cause problems for you, the client, and most importantly, the unborn baby!

Results Can Vary While Pregnant

Changes in the hormone levels of pregnant women can lead to increased sensitivity in the skin, which pregnant clients should be aware of. Ask your technician to test the solution on a small area of your skin and see if a reaction occurs. If it does, your technician will be able to plan and apply the right amount of solution on your body. Changes in your hormones should not be the reason why your spray tan does not look gorgeous – even when you are pregnant – so communicating with your technician on ways to combat the changes in sensitivity of your skin is key.

Doctors Know Best

Though spray tanning solutions are harmless in nature to your health, doctors may advise you not to choose a spray tan during pregnancy. They advise caution because of the unknown long-term effects. The most worrisome of these of the service would be the potential to inhale the spray tanning solution used during the appointment. As we spoke above, wearing the correct protective gear is essential during these sessions. If your doctor gives you the thumbs-up on getting your beautiful spray tan done, you should be confident that you and your baby will be okay, as long as you use the protective gear.

Should You Do It?

During pregnancy, you have many choices to make about what you feel is good and bad for your body and child during those nine months of pregnancy. We believe as long as the right tools are used, the benign ingredients used in spray tanning solutions should give you confidence about having an amazing tan during this beautiful stage in your life. When it comes to the health of your baby, talking to your doctor should take place prior to doing anything to your body, especially spray tanning.

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